What am I Listening to?


August 2017

Georgia by Pheobe Bridgers

Open by Rhye

Wilderness by Explosions in the Sky

When I Fall by Elephant Revival

Peace of Mind by Above and Beyond

Thunderstruck by Steve’n’Seagulls

Blood Mary by Lady Gaga (ps. I was reminded how much I love this song at the Aug 3 Edmonton concert!)

Everything Now by Arcade Fire

Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen Campbell (RIP Glen Campbell)

Daydream by Meghan Currie and the Blend Orchestra 


All photos are taken by yours truly: Amanda Horning.


3 thoughts on “What am I Listening to?

    • I have seen her major concert twice before and she always has a bunch of costume changes-I actually liked how her dancers also changed this time with her-I also really liked the videos! I did love the concert, but have a bone to pick with Rogers about how they handled the VIP tickets-it was aweful, I wish I hadn’t of bothered paying the extra money just to wait for 5 hours and then not be any more VIP than GA. Next time: seats. We were really close on the floor, she is so amazing.


      • We were floor VIP as well. I didn’t go early and didn’t get my backpack. That has never been my experience with VIP before. It was poor. I will complain to rogers place too.

        Cleo and I only got there at 8:30. We were right beside the middle stages. It was perfect.

        We liked the videos. I just found the lulls long. And the energy low.

        There were many highlights. Just dance was worth the trip!

        Seats are for old people! Lol


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