What am I Reading?

June Pics-40

July 2017

Well it seemed that summer started yesterday and now it seems it is making way for fall. Driving back from Edmonton recently, I spied some larch needles starting to change colour. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer as much as I am.


Alone on the Wall by Alex Honnold with David Roberts

#karllikes rating 3

I am a beginner indoor climber and was first inspired to get into the sport from videos at film festivals, many featuring Alex Honnold. I had this book on my radar, and was my introduction to climbing books. I know that climbing and mountaineering has a history of written text and I am both excited and overwhelmed to read them with all the technical lingo and how some of the experiences they record give me willies. I am more of a fiction than non-fiction person, but I do like to mix things up. This book was ok. The book was more about Alex Honnold’s journey from amateur to the professional climber he is today. Alex Honnold has a reputation for certain personality traits (which I think in some ways make him an incredible climber), and I found them heavily highlighted in this book. Portions of this books seemed like something that should have been a personal conversation rather than in a book. I found most of the book interesting and I will try another title in the genre.

Voodoo Killings by Kristi Charish

#karllikes rating 4

YES! I have been craving another series to binge read and the Kincaid Strange series matches my love of paranormal and crime together perfectly. The set up of the world in this series is brilliant and is very original. I do not want to give much away in this book but expect voodoo, zombies, ghosts and murder to keep you up at night reading more!

The Magic of Motherhood: The Good Stuff, the Hard Stuff and Everything In Between by Ashlee Gadd

#karllikes rating 3

Ashlee Gadd in The Magic of Motherhood is spreading that message of how all of us mothers are not alone in our highs and lows.  I am not a huge fan of short essays or stories but I gave this book a shot based on a recommendation. The stories all had a common thread of connecting mothers through hardships and the joys of motherhood. I enjoyed the connections in each segment, however they also had a prevalent religious component which I could not connect to. This book was a quick read and was very affordable (at the time it was a deal of the day) on kobo.ca and I would recommend it to mothers who need a quick pick me up. I know some mothers cannot find time to read so these short stories may be perfect length.

Talon of God by Wesley Snipes

#karllikes rating 4

I partially expected this book to be terrible because of its celebrity origins but I was pleasantly surprised. I first heard about this book on CBC (where I honestly get most of my book recommendations) where Wesley Snipes was being interviewed. Talon of God is set up in a way that I predict a series to follow, which I am crossing my fingers for! I do think the book could have another title because the book is centered around Lauryn significantly more than Talon himself. This book is classic good versus evil, heaven versus hell told in a new way. I loved this book from start to end.

Karllikes Littles Book Feature


They All Saw a Cat by Brendan Welzal is a fun book which inspires observation, inquisitiveness and imagination from its readers. In this book you are shown different perspectives on how one thing can be so many different things to different beings. I love the idea of exploring this book with littles who already exhibit this trait without being taught. My son daily shows me things that I either do not see at all or do not give the attention to truly see and acknowledge. This book has a good lesson for both bigs and littles and the illustrations are excellent.

Most if not all of these titles are available at the Wood Buffalo Regional Library. Membership is FREE! Wood Buffalo Regional Library has an amazing selection of books, magazines, audiobooks, children titles, and even comics. With your WBRL membership you also received a free subscription to Hoopla.

We have an amazing local comic shop Nerdvana, if they do not have what you are looking for, they will special order it for you 🙂

#karllikes book rating is done on a 1-5 scale. The scale ranges from 1-I personally did not enjoy the book and see absolutely no chance of recommending it or re-reading it-to 5-I personally thoroughly enjoyed the book and see every chance of recommending it or re-reading the book.

All photos used are taken by yours truly Amanda Horning.


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