What am I Reading?

June Pics-43June 2017

Why hello official start of summer. June was a great month for us. We spent 3 weeks in British Columbia, received a new niece, brought home a new puppy and had a great month. We are living up the summer, we got this July.


Indigo by Charlaine Harris and Others

#karllikes rating 5

I pre-ordered this book without really paying attention to the story since it was a collaboration of some of my favourite authors. I was shocked to see it was not short stories written by each author, which is what I expected.  If you read some other reviews you will see some people felt it read disjointed with all the authors writing the same story. I do not share the same opinion, I could not tell when one author started and another ended and I found the story kept on point. I love supernatural books and this held up its end of the bargain in that department. Nora Hesper is a journalist who also has a secret side of her called Indigo. This book is about Nora and Indigo together but also separately as well. The book has a typical villain and issue to solve but the book also has a personal conflict which is equally intriging. I would read more about Indigo if the authors continued writing about her. I also feel this book would make a really interesting movie.


Missing by Kelley Armstrong

#karllikes rating 3.5

Kelley Armstrong is one of my favourite authors. Armstrong writes many different series and stand alone books. I have read all of her work (to be honest I tried the Nadia Stafford series and I did not care for it so stopped at the first book) and generally read the work quickly because they are addictive. This book is a young adult novel, which I usually enjoy despite being older than the definition of young adult. I found that I breezed through this book simply because I wanted it to be over, not because I really cared about the story deeply. The characters were interesting and for this book to work they clearly needed to be the teenagers for it to work. I enjoyed the contrast of life situations in the three main characters. What I did not enjoy was the underlying story which the book was based on, and I found the characters acted both too childish and too mature at the same time which was confusing. I would recommend loyal Armstrong readers to give this one an evening to power through, but do not expect to wish there was another book to read immediately like you would with many of the other series. I believe that Missing is a stand alone novel (which is good in my opinion).

Pax by Sara Pennypacker

#karllikes rating 3

I will start this review with if I was 8-12 years old, which is the target age for this book, I may of given it another rating. Pax is a story told in two alternating views of a young boy, Peter and his pet fox named Pax. The story begins as the two are separated and continues as they begin a journey to reunite. There is a war undertone in this book, and I feel this book would be amazing for an elementary school book report since it has many themes throughout of independence, loyalty and never giving up. If you wondering why in the world I chose this book to read, the real reason is because the book features cover art and within book art by Jon Klassen and I am collecting the books for my son.

The Shadow District by Arnaldur Indridason

Another book with a war story for me this month. I do not like war stories, I usually stay away from anything involving one either in books or in film and television. I gave this story a go, and I enjoyed it. The story revolves around the mysterious death of an older gentleman which leads investigators down a rabbit hole of investigating two other equally strange older cases. This story travels through time chapter to chapter and accomplishes it very well with moving the story along as it goes. Through this book I was educated on a Icelandic culture and history which I was pleased with. I look forward to reading more in this series by Indridason.

#karllikes rating 4


The One Hundred Nights of Hero by Isabel Greenberg

#karllikes rating 5

Seriously this is one of the most amazing things I have ever held in my hands. This comic was ordered based on a recommendation from my husband who heard it discussed on a podcast. This is a follow up to a debut graphic novel which I have not read yet, but you do not need to read it beforehand to read The One Hundred Nights of Hero. This is a story within a story within a story, and it will leave you unable to put it down. The stories in this graphic novel are fable-like and have a theme of exploring issues with the patriarchy. I do not want to give too much away about this graphic novel, but I recommend it as a must read. I was connected to every character and could feel how society and women around the world could identify with the exaggerated but also true treatment of women. I will state that this was an expensive purchase, so please try the library (they have it!!) or holla at me to borrow.

Karllikes Littles Book Feature


This month we are featuring a great book we rented from the library and have since purchased. Please welcome A Greyhound a Groundhog written by Emily Jenkins and illustrated by Chris Appelhans. I added this book to my ‘rent’ list because we absolutely love Sparky which is also illustrated by Chris Appelhans. This book is a supper silly tongue twister revolving around a greyhound and a groundhog (surprise!). My husband and I actually get a kick out of listening to each other read this book with our son. I thoroughly find the illustrations add to the hilariousness and are incredibly beautiful. Life is serious sometimes, get silly and try reading this book with your family!

Most if not all of these titles are available at the Wood Buffalo Regional Library. Membership is FREE! Wood Buffalo Regional Library has an amazing selection of books, magazines, audiobooks, children titles, and even comics. With your WBRL membership you also received a free subscription to Hoopla.

We have an amazing local comic shop Nerdvana, if they do not have what you are looking for, they will special order it for you 🙂

#karllikes book rating is done on a 1-5 scale. The scale ranges from 1-I personally did not enjoy the book and see absolutely no chance of recommending it or re-reading it-to 5-I personally thoroughly enjoyed the book and see every chance of recommending it or re-reading the book.


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