2017 Check In


May 2017

aka Life Post Plastic Wrap

It happened, one day we finally ran out of plastic wrap. We were at this stage once before but we had house guests who noticed the impeding doom and purchased us a new package. I mentally made a note to not put it on the list, and after that initial decision to say no, I barely thought of it again. I have had to point out to my husband that we no longer own plastic wrap when I notice him rummaging through the drawer. Having good glass containers has made all the difference to this transition. We made the switch to almost all glass containers a while ago, and I love using glass over plastic. My exception is for my sons snacks, for the time being I am still using some plastic containers. There are a few disadvantages of glass including being heavy, fragile and not spill-proof. A quick tip for dealing with spill-likely contents is to use a mason jar with a lid, works like a charm. I purchased some Abeego wraps and have finally had the guts really use them.  I have had a hell of a time trying to get these wraps to adhere to any surface, including itself. I have followed the instructions and have tried repeatedly trying to ‘mold’ the wrap to the surface I am trying to seal. The washing, and reusing of these wraps is very easy if you follow the instructions. I am not giving up yet with the beeswax covering, just acknowledging that I still have some adjusting to do.

Watchout Ziploc bags, I am coming for you next.

Ok, I am now going to switch gears to something a little more, uh periody? It has been one of my goals this year to reduce my menstrual cycles’ impact on the environment. There are many products now out on the market which can take place of both pads and tampons. I watched many videos on YouTube on several brands of menstrual cups and to be honest I became overwhelmed and it delayed my selection many months. I went to the local health store and looked at what they had, which ended up being one brand,  The Diva Cup in two different sizes. Model 1 is for if you are under 30 or have not had children and Model 2 is for if you are over 30 or have had children. I was really nervous after I bought it about using it. I tried inserting the Diva Cup, and surprisingly following the directions I got it first try. I tried a couple more times just to make sure, and it seemed to be in the correct position. I am at ‘I can use this at home’ in terms of operation, I would have some serious issues inserting the cup in a public washroom setting. I tried to forget it was there, and eventually I did. I found removing The Diva Cup much more difficult than I thought it would be. The directions indicate to not panic if it takes a few times. Not quite in love yet, but its a work in progress. My son has been in reusable diapers since birth, so the idea of reusable menstrual pads does not gross me out. I have found a couple Canadian brands I would love to try, but what has been preventing me from doing so is the sheer quantity which would be needed to replace disposable ones. Until I can figure out more around the laundering schedule for such items, I am leery to sink money into this idea.

It’s that time of year again to get out in the yard and garden. It is mid May in my yard, and I am still looking at some brown grass and am waiting to see those lovely dandelions pop their heads up. Please remember that even if you categorize dandelions as your arch nemesis they are often bees first and perhaps only opportunity to get some nectar this time of year (Listen to Julia Common, a chief bee keeper’s interview on CBC). Even if you can wait a few days or week and leave the dandelions you can really help bees until they have access to other flower species. Another thing to be on the lookout is for neonicotinoids, please eliminate your support of products using these pesticides. This class of pesticide is responsible for serious bee population issues (Please read this update by Heath Canada). Do your research on what pesticides are being applied to the plants you are purchasing and planting in your yards. Bees are so incredibly important and they need all of our help to make the necessary changes to see their populations recover. A fun thing to do is to get some bee seeds (#bringbackthebees), or other pollinator mixtures. Please compare seed mixes to the Alberta Invasive Species list to avoid any introductions.

Looking forward to the green grass and summer days.






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