2017 Check In


Does anyone else think that the ‘new year’ should begin in spring? Spring has always resonated with me as being about new beginnings. Time to let go and make space for whats growing with new life.

So, clutter. I have many excuses for my clutter, but ultimately its my unwillingness to let go that creates the chaos. I go through these periods of being extremely effective with my goals, and then periods of accumulation where nothing is being accomplished. Our space is limited in our home, and I have not perfected how to organize things in an effective manner. It is a constant work in progress. As I start my journey into my thirties, I crave simplicity. A huge help into the ‘declutter’ process has been The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. This book is extremely helpful in giving context around why we keep things, and the main message is if it does bring you joy, get rid of it. The only downfall of this book is the author is not Canadian and does not to be outfitted for 4 seasons. I am constantly attached to the ‘what if’, and I get caught up in the big picture (yes Amanda, doing one drawer is enough for today). Somehow doing this process in spring seems easier and more productive than other times of the year. I was able to accomplish an incredible amount today in twenty minutes. Twenty minutes has a whole new meaning now with a 18 month old son, who does not sit still for a single minute during his waking hours. Being satisfied with the small accomplishments is something that is still a work in progress.

I am looking forward so feeling some sun on my skin, for freckles to reappear, for lunch on the deck, for playing in my yard. Until it is time to do that, I will pick away inside making some space for simplicity.

Have any tips for me? What is the easiest way to offload your unwanted items to allow them to be others’ treasure? Share your spring-clean routine with me!




2 thoughts on “2017 Check In

  1. I liked that book too. I found the main flaw was that it was difficult to apply the same desire for joy to bath products,etc that I did with clothing.

    My only advice is once it’s purged remove it from the house immediately. I make lots of visits to the Salvation Army or free Facebook groups. If it remains I somehow rationalize I need it again.

    I also have tried to make peace with some clutter as the result of a busy and affluent life. I work hard and as a result we have stuff. And that’s ok! I try to put this stuff away in a semi organized manner, but it’s not easy!

    I have an area I cleared out and it includes my alter. I put all my things I treasure or find inspiring on it. It is a calm space and I am happy just to look at it!

    With 2 kids I will not have a minimalist home for at least a few years. Until the. I just keep trying!


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