2017 Check In


It is now well into the Year of the Rooster and time to do some reassessing. In my “Whats Exciting about 2017” post I described much of what I was excited about for this upcoming year. My ‘destination’ in a sense has not changed, but I would say that I have changed the course on how I hope to get there for a few things. A major relationship in my life changed drastically in January and that has influenced me to take a hard look at some things in my life. Right now the most important things to my core are honesty and simplicity.

I joined two groups to help encourage me to join a network of people to get outside and share the experience. I enjoyed my first month being involved in both groups but realized a couple of things. Both groups are heavily involved into Facebook, to the point where my feed is overwhelmed with their posts. I do not read these posts, there are too many of them and I do not have the time to sit and sort through them. I was discovering that reading these posts were not boosting me personally in any way. I started a training with one of the groups to open a branch in Fort McMurray, and during the first stages of it realized I was not on board with how much time was going to be spent behind the scenes on Facebook. I like Facebook as much as the next person, but I like it to connect and share, without any actual commitments. Right now, my life is not going to fall apart if I am or I am not on Facebook. I do not want that to change. I started using a FitBit back in November, and I absolutely love it. With my Fitbit I am able to track my steps and distances traveled. For both of these groups I was required to record all of my adventures outside. After a month of doing this I realized it was not a ‘freeing’ experience. I love that feeling of knowing I hit my 10 000 steps a day, but really, the distances I cover on my adventures do not really matter to me. What matters is that I (and my pooch, my mini-me, and potential friends joining me) are enjoying the experience. I am not going to continue with recording my kilometers/miles for the groups. I completed a January Hike it Baby 30, and surpassed my goal of 30 miles even with a few skipped days due to the cold. I have no doubt I will more than succeed with my goal of self-propelling myself outdoors for 365 miles in 2017, I simply do not need to add extra stress on myself by recording it. My main goal of what makes me happy, get outside. Check.

Climbing continues to be a major part of what is making me happy. Unfortunately the Intro to Bouldering Course I was enrolled in did not run. My husband and I redid our Belay Course, and are going to be receiving our certification soon. This will open up much of the wall that we have not been able to use previously. Earlier this month we went to MEC and purchased some Gripmaster Forearm and Hand Trainers which are prooving to be worth more than their weight in gold. With my climbing I have determined there are a few things I need to work on off the wall to improve my skills. One being working on loosing my last 10 pounds from before I had Conway. This is a work in progress, and lately I have been making more progress on this than not. Another item involves my shoulders. I have intensely tight shoulders and in turn also my chest. In January I completed several massage therapy and chiropractor treatments to release tension in my shoulders and neck. My plan of action is to keep my eyes on these areas to prevent them from getting to that extreme state again. Building strength and flexibility are both important focuses, so now to figure out that balance. Hello yoga, and also goodbye to certain movements which cause me grief.

I have been working on my Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Compost Project. Some of my work is identifying how hard some habits are to break. Every step in a greener direction is a step in the direction, so I am happy with my progress. Learning about myself is a wonderful experience.

I am not afraid of seeing and knowing that goals need to change with time. I see goals are more fluid, that the journey changes with what you learn along the way. I need to remove things from my life that are causing me unnecessary work, simplicity will move me forwards. What has been working, and not working for you this year?

I am looking forward to the next couple months with all the joy and challenges they will bring.




2 thoughts on “2017 Check In

  1. I love how you assess you choices and change as necessary.
    I often struggle with letting go of a goal, and as a result I have stopped setting any. Perhaps I will use your example to try something small.

    Have you ever been to an osteopath? We have an awesome one in town and she is helping me loosen the crazy tension in my shoulder. She completely resolved my severe lower back pain. I can’t even begin to say how much I love her for that.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. They are insightful and helpful!



    • Thanks so much Anne! Your words mean alot, and I hope I can help you in any small way of letting go of that which doesnt serve you. Anything small or tiny adds up! I will be looking into the osteopath, I do not think I ever noticed until now (when someone else brought it to my attention) that I have always had such tight shoulders. I had somehow convinced myself this is what shoulders feel like….I am looking forward to learning to experiencing less tight shoulders 🙂


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