I have played around before with blogs, but this time I feel it will stick. Having a science background I struggle with non-technical writing. To fulfill the deep seeded nerd in me, be prepared for quotations, Latin words (always in italics), and APA style bibliography sources at the end of posts. I started doing #karllikes a few years ago on my Instagram page in an attempt to share thing I enjoyed with others. Using my fuzzy pal, I was able to share these nuggets of gold (in my opinion) and also add a funny picture or fact about #karlisthegreatest. What is the point of this page? I am hoping to accomplish a couple things with this page. I am 30 years old and a new mother, I feel I need to do more to share my love of nature with my community (literally and over social media). This format is going to give me the ability to go into more detail about things than an Instagram photo  can. I also need a creative outlet, and I figure why not try this?

Quick introduction (I am not intending on many posts be focused so much on me:


I am Amanda Horning and I am from Prince George, BC where I was exposed to lots of nature. I used to cry as I was driven by lumberyards saddened by all the dead trees. Fast-forward to college I took a Diploma in Forest Resource Technology, and followed that up with a Bachelor’s of Science in Forestry at the University of Alberta. When I was in high-school I did my required work experience with an experienced forest technologist, he showed me silviculture. This changed my life. I loved everything about putting forests back, the site-preparation, the tree-planting, I simply loved watching it grow. I completed my schooling working through the summers with amazing people and learning so much about the forests I adored. Things changed, I left my beloved British Columbia to follow my heart (insert Matthew), and gave it a go in Fort McMurray. The scene was different up here, I couldn’t find what used to make me smile from ear to ear about the woods. I would find glimmers here and there, but I couldn’t recreate the passion I had. It was time to let go of the past and start to learn and love the environment around me. Yoga found me during this period, also life changing. Still I was struggling with a love/hate relationship with Alberta, with Fort McMurray. Spring 2016 that all changed. Everything changed as a fire rolled through and evacuated my entire city. I grew up and worked in the forest, forest fires were not new to me. The coined “Beast” was something completely different, it changed things and showed me how much I love Fort McMurray. Fort McMurray is where I have had amazing life experiences, where I first lived with my husband, where we purchased our first home, where I gave birth to our son, where I loved, laughed and cried with many friends. As many of us in Fort McMurray, I am looking forward to 2017, for a fresh new year with my new perspective on my city. Big shout to all of you, you know who you are, I love all of you.



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